School Sucks Version 1.0

Schoolsucks Title


Story/Short/Visual Novel/Public Speaking


School Sucks is a story which revolves around 3 children, who make believe that everything is fine and dandy and can’t fully accept the truth of solitude.  Helping people learn that public speaking and speaking out is everything. You have a voice inside of you so be sure to use it and say what is on your mind.  While attending school the children find out that everything is not as it seems…



Rex is a tanned,  dark haired natural born leader, outspoken who knows right from wrong.


Oliver is a mysterious shy blond with blue eyes, who is a little short of a light-bulb.


Milly is a fiery outspoken redhead who will let just about anyone know what is going on in her mind.

Download Game Link:

Macintosh 19.25MB (Download Game)

Windows 20.94MB (Download Game)

Linux 22.73MB (Download Game)